Trailer and New Demo | Blog | Superflous Returnz

Trailer and New Demo | Blog | Superflous Returnz Trailer and New Demo | Blog | Superflous Returnz
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Superfluous and his assistant Sophie


Trailer and New Demo


I'm very proud to present the official trailer for Superfluous Returnz!

And also… a new demo

I also take this opportunity to update the demo that was released at Christmas 2020. If you had already completed it, don't expect different content, it's pretty much the same thing... except that it's now available in English!

The only other content that changed is a puzzle in the first room, universally deemed too complicated for the beginning of the game, so I replaced it with something simpler.

On the interface side, however, things have changed a lot!

Mac OS port

As I had already explained in a making-of, I managed to port the game to MacOS. If this is your platform, give it a try!

English translation

It may be a detail if you are French speaking, but it will allow English speakers to enjoy the game! You can change the language in the game menu, but normally the system language is detected on launch.

New UI

Goodbye verb bar à la 90s LucasArts at the bottom, now you have a dynamic selector when you click on an object!

The inventory is hidden but available by hovering the mouse at the bottom. Generally speaking, I did my best to modernize everything and make the gaming experience more pleasant.

Lots of bugs fixed

There are far too many to mention, but I fixed a huge amount of bugs, in particular by setting up a more or less random input system (to simulate someone playing by clicking everywhere) which allowed to detect a bunch of potential sources of crashes.

I also tinkered with a lot of level validation scripts, to avoid having to wait for a runtime error to detect it.

In short, the game should be much more stable and the engine much more polished.

Touchscreen and controller

The entire touch interface has also been revised: thus, to simplify interaction with a small screen (and sometimes large fingers), the objects with which you can interact are highlighted when the character approaches them. Then you just need to tap either on the object or on its label.

I also added gamepad support: you can move with the analog stick and choose your actions with the usual 4 ABXY buttons.

The three modes (mouse, touchscreen, joystick) are accessible no matter the platform used and are automatically selected depending on what you are using.

Wishing you a good summer…

Enjoy (re)discovering this demo!

The full game is slated for release in the fall. I'm gonna be honnest: I might postpone it (again, I know) if it turns out to be really too short, but I'll do my best to get it out before the end of 2022 anyway!

Have a nice summer and see you very soon!