Superflous Returnz

Superflous Returnz Superflous Returnz
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Superfluous and his assistant Sophie

The unnecessary video game of the useless superhero

The action takes place in Fochougny, a very quiet French village where the billionaire Harpagon Lonion lives. He regularly dresses up as Superfluous, a very useless superhero in such a peaceful countryside...

Helped by his assistant Sophie, who tries to somehow temper the enthusiasm of her employer, he will try to put his hands on the mysterious apple thief who terrorizes the orchards of Fochougny...

  • Can you identify this offender?
  • Will you finally discover a criminal of your stature?
  • Will you find him in this charming village?


  • Immerse yourself in a colorful universe in the style of a 2D cartoon
  • Wander quietly through the village of Fochougny, an open world
  • Solve puzzles, find secret codes, pick up items, combine them, talk to people from Fochougny to try to figure out what happened
  • Play with the mouse in the pure tradition of point-and-click games, or choose gamepad or touchscreen controls
  • Enjoy finely cut dialogues and omnipresent humor (the quality of the jokes is non-contractual)
  • Relax playing a game where you can't lose, die or get stuck (but where you can to tear your hair out trying to solve some puzzles - hair implants are not provided)
  • Play at your own pace: with or without hints to help you progress
  • Text dialogues available in English, French and Italian
  • PEGI
  • ESRB
  • IARC

Free playable demo

The Game's Artbook


This book presents the graphics created for the video game. You'll find every location, every character, every cutscene, every animation detailed frame by frame, and much more. All with commentary by the author, in English and French!

This book is included in the Steam DLC Superfluous Returnz Artbook & Comic Book.

Superfluous: the Comic Book


Once again, it’s the story of a billionaire who wants to fight crime, masked, with the help of his faithful butler... Yes, but this billionaire lives in a peaceful village of 350 souls, and his “butler” is a carer sent by the employment agency.

Discover the comic book where it all began: the unnecessary adventures of Superfluous, the useless superhero.

This book is included in the Steam DLC Superfluous Returnz Artbook & Comic Book.

The Game's Soundtrack


Composed and recorded by Gee

Get all the musics from the video game in non-looped versions!

Also available in the Steam DLC Superfluous Returnz Soundtrack.