Press Kit | Superflous Returnz

Press Kit | Superflous Returnz Press Kit | Superflous Returnz
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Superfluous and his assistant Sophie

Press Kit

Developer: Studios
Based in Essonne, France

Release dates:

  • PC, Android:
    May 15, 2023
  • Nintendo Switch:
    January 15, 2024

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The studio Studios is a one man independant game studio: Gee, whose real name is Simon Giraudot, is a developer, scriptwriter, illustrator and composer. Superfluouz Returnz is the result of a combination of his training as a doctor in computer science/applied mathematics, and his passion for comics and drawing.

Superfluous Returnz, the game

Join Harpagon Lonion, aka Superfluous, the world's most useless superhero, in his quest to unmask the mysterious apple thief in Fochougny. Explore this quiet French village, solve wacky puzzles, and enjoy chiseled dialogue and ubiquitous humor, all in a colorful 2D universe with a comic-book feel.

Superfluous Returnz offers a joyful open-world experience, immersing players in the picturesque charm of the French village of Fochougny. Riddles, secret codes to discover, objects to collect and combine, and conversations with the village's inhabitants offer a gameplay centered on humor and storytelling.

The game lets players dive into the story at their own pace, with no risk of losing, dying or getting stuck. This freedom is enhanced by the possibility of playing with or without hints, with multiple difficulty levels to suit everyone.


  • Superfluous Returnz is a game that combines stunning graphics and immersive sound to present a hilarious and captivating parody of the superhero genre.
    — Erick Parkin, Adventure Gamers (en)
  • A particularly interesting, multi-faceted, playful, funny, entertaining and intergenerational game.
    — Lionel Dricot, Ploum (fr)
  • Superfluous Returnz isn’t superfluous at all, as its not-so-super hero’s bumbling (and occasionally credibility-defying) antics offer an all-too-brief breath of fresh country air.
    — Peter Mattsson, Adventure Game Hotspot (en)