Graphical basics are done!


So far, I've mostly made blog posts to explain the development of the game, but for once, this is just an announcement post: after months of work, I have finished the game's graphical basics! 🎉 🎉 🎉

By graphical basics, I mean: all the backgrounds and all the objects with which it is possible to interact (not including animations). Which mainly means that I'm going to be able to finish writing the levels and therefore test if the game works fine from start to finish (including with an rough automated tests to check that everything is stable).

I must admit that it's a small victory for me, because it really gives me the feeling of seeing the end of it, even if there is still a lot to be done, and it will still be a challenge to meet the deadline: a release in May 2023.

Now I have to finish all the animations, cutscenes, music and sound effects. That's still big chunk, but it's the least “interactive” (thus the least prone to bugs).

Some figures (subject to change because, of course, the game is not finished) on what the game currently contains:

  • 640 images;
  • 1 500 lines of dialog;
  • 15 000 lines of YAML for level descriptions, dialogs, etc.;
  • 28 000 lines of C++ code.

See you soon for more!