The little brats and the teacher

A playground simulator

The school bell has just rung, and the children have worked well. And for just a few minutes, the playground belongs to them. One goal: to have as much fun as possible!

Swings, merry-go-rounds, balloons, yo-yos, boost your fun score any way you can. There's just one problem: these little kids are real brats... and won't hesitate to slap each other on the back and steal each other's toys.

But beware: the teacher is on the lookout, and she's not easy-going. You don't want to get caught being a little brat in front of her!


  • Immerse yourself in a colorful universe in the style of a 2D cartoon
  • Customize your brat from head to toe
  • Compete against your friends in a joyful mess, online or in LAN
  • Play with toys and try not to get them stolen, or prefer equipment such as swings
  • Win titles by being the nicest, the meanest, the laziest, the most hyperactive... or the one who hides the most behind the teacher!
  • Above all, collect as many fun as you can to win the game!
  • PEGI
  • ESRB
  • IARC

Game based on the free software engine Godot.

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