Press Kit | Little Brats!

Press Kit | Little Brats! Press Kit | Little Brats!
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The little brats and the teacher

Press Kit

Developer: Studios
Based in Essonne, France

Release date:

  • PC: summer 2023

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The studio Studios is a one man independant game studio: Gee, whose real name is Simon Giraudot, is a developer, scriptwriter, illustrator and composer. This project is the result of a combination of his training as a doctor in computer science/applied mathematics, and his passion for comics and drawing.

Little Brats!, the game

Embark on a riotous adventure in the silly world of Little Brats!, a playground simulator where mischief and fun collide! As the school bell rings, the playground becomes a battleground. Your mission? To outwit your friends and have as much fun as possible!

Dive into a vibrant 2D cartoon universe, customize your mischievous character from head to toe. Whether you're going for the swing or causing chaos on the merry-go-round, there's never a dull moment as you compete against friends online or in LAN matches.

But beware! The playground is filled with little brats just like you, eager to steal toys, pull pranks, and evade the watchful eye of the strict teacher. Will you be hailed as the nicest, the meanest, the laziest, or the most hyperactive? Collect fun points strategically, dodge trouble, and aim to reign supreme in this uproarious game of wit and whimsy!




Game based on the free software engine Godot.

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