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Free license | Superflous Returnz Free license | Superflous Returnz
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Superfluous and his assistant Sophie

Free license

Free as in “free speech”, not as in “free beer”

Since December 25, 2023, Superfluous Returnz has been an entirely free video game: its engine Sosage is published under the MIT license, and its assets (game data, images, music, etc.) are released under the Creative Commons By Sa license.

You can thus download the game free of charge (see below), modify it and share it as you wish. Nevertheless, please remember one thing: developing, testing, drawing, animating, writing, composing music, recording, communicating... all these represent a substantial amount of work that can only be viable if it is paid for in some way.

The game took more than 3 years to create, and its total cost is estimated at €45,000. To this day, earnings from sales on the various platforms and donations represent €4,490, reimbursing only 10% of the work involved.

Earnings chart

If you believe that a game like Superfluous Returnz should not be produced at a loss and that it should be possible to create viably other free video games of this kind in the future, you can buy the game on the platform of your choice or make a donation:

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Full game download

You can also download the assets to compile the game yourself. Note that they are provided in a compressed format in order to get the best performance: if you wish to access the data in conventional formats (PNG, OGG, etc.), you'll need to decompress them with the SCAP utility, provided with the Sosage engine.